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I've linked to the above deviation because a comment was place on it saying it was a copycat image.

In all truth I 'd never seen the image that I'm guessing the comment referred to ( which appears on about page 38 of the artists gallery here) and from the information available am unable to say which image was taken first.

I've attempted to sum up my views in the comments section.

But the question I am asking is had I known about any similar images would it have been wrong to re-interpret the idea ?
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With a few pictures…
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Which unlike the last one I intend to keep updated.…
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It's now about 8 months since I last managed a shoot. Quite pleased that I still haven't run out of stuff worth editting.

So I put the lights and stuff away after the last shoot sort of expecting they'd be out in a few weeks.

Something goes slightly amiss then another thing but its just a temporary thing and it drags.

Eyes giving me some problems and a consultant decides that I need a brain scan. Nothing wrong so that's over.

In to the school holidays between two kids it works out at ten solid weeks.

Leaves are turning brown on the trees but I have a shoot scheduled in when Her Majesties Govt decided that it is time for me to sit on a jury another three weeks evapourate and its an extended half term approaching and the years five sixths over.

Meanwhile in the real world, my son who was shot by a pellet gun in the eye at the start of the year is coming home from school several times a week with headaches so i am loathe to book in any shoots and then have to cancel  them. Have to wait until after his operation which we are told could be problematic and keep him off school.

2nd of Jan operation goes ahead - consultant says it went very well - no headaches in the last week - kids are back at school. Suddenly appears to be a window

Is it just tempting fate to try and arrange a shoot
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In the absence of a website which is temporarily down  whilst I tinker around with it I thought I'd have a go at a blog so:

Couldn't decide on the merits of the various blogging sites but thought that wordpress had a better range of templates. I'm not sure how easy it is either to put in tags  that will be picked up by search engines but I guess time will tell.

Only a short initial piece to see how the thing would turn out. Any opinions or views on it welcome.

I'll probably use it to show off any new pictures I do along with some of the older stuff that I've not posed anywhere before and some of the other oddments I have floating around..

Mulling it over I've also thought I could link to interesting sites that contain photography that I like. Who knows........
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It aint judgmental.

It's not elitist.

It pretty much gives everyone the chance to post what they want and if folk want to look at it - it's there call. It does not tell me what I should or shouldn't be looking at. If a lot of folk like something it ends up on the front page. Sounds fair to me.

It takes the good with bad and lets the individual decide.

In the four and a half years I've been on here I've seen a couple of whinges on here about censorship but when I've looked at them it appears to be more about the site ensuring that it does not run foul of a myriad of laws.

Compare it to a lot of places......

Earlier today I loaded a picture on to another photo sharing sight. It's a nude but I doubt that this will suprise anyone reading this. Then it appears nowhere in there new pictures section????? About an hour later it slips in pages down under pictures that were uploaded after it. Censorship by the backdoor.

In the interim I read a blog post on the same site by this photographer :icontonyd3: (check him out great photographer) saying that the site in question is basically slanted against nudity in photography and because of this he wouldn't be uploading anymore images to it. So it's probably not just me being paranoid and there loss.

I just sometimes despair that people can't see the big picture.

Just because a photo contains nudity does not make it any better or worse than one that doesn't. Only the realisation of it can.

If you are offended by nudity why look. In fact if you are offended by anything that doesn't have a direct imput in to your life you don't have to be involved with it. Live and let live.

Nuff said:

and if you have a spare six minutes check this out this short art dococumentary:…

Great Tom Waits voice over as well.

I shall not make any more boring art :-)
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Where's the Next Shoot Coming From ?

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 5, 2011, 2:40 AM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

I think that until about April this year I'd had a pretty enviable record of models turning up for shoots. The odd model a bit late - but in general it was pretty cool. I wondered why all the rants about no shows on modelling sites and so on and so forth.

I could though pretty much shoot when I wanted , at short notice etc  - then from early April I had to re-jiggle my personal schedule which meant that I had a much smaller window when I was available to shoot so needed to book shoots for specific dates in advance. I 'd also decided that I was going to try and work with some suitable models that I hadn't before. Nightmare.

With no shows and cancellations I 've managed one proper shoot in four months and the booking for August (Booked months ago) is looking decidedly worrying  :-(

I've spoken to a couple of other local photographers and whilst not quite the same scenario they've been encountering similar problems. Is the 'internet modelling' phase coming to an end ?

If it is where the heck do I get models from ?

Looking back through the pictures I've taken over the last few years quite a few of my favourite models have now given up or no longer shoot nude and there doesn't seem to be very many serious new models replacing them. The models that I would work with I have let know and hope to get something off of the ground at some point but generally speaking there are logistical problems that thwart it.

Anyone else having these problems?

Also put together (another) new website:

Its generic I know but if anyone would like to offer an opinion I'd be grateful.

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Image Theft

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 27, 2011, 2:53 AM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

I got an email this morning to tell me that one of my pictures was being used on someone elses profile on Model Mayhem. Sure enough it's true.

Mike Dunn… freelance photographer of 10 years experience has stuck up one of my pictures… on his profile ( by the diverse nature of his pictures I'd guess he's pinched a few others as well.) if you are a photographer may be worth taking a look.

Its sort of flaterring that someone with that much experience needs to swipe one of my pictures but I don't quite see why the f***wit didn't have the nouse to edit my name off of it.

Anyway I reported him to a mod on the site rather than launch a tirade of abuse against him that would give him the chance to remove it. In my opinion its more important that he gets booted off of the site - his motives are in question - is it safe for a model a work with him?

And thanks to :iconkatyt: for letting me know.

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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 26, 2010, 3:21 AM
A few ramblings following my last entry.

The model managed to get in contact with me before the shoot confirming it was all ok so the shoot went ahead which was cool. Transpired she'd been on holiday.

It does show that there is a level of expectation that a shoot will not go ahead - I really haven't been as blighted by no shows as a lot of photographers seem to be - yet I am still infused with that expectation. This particular shoot was arranged early June and as far as the model and myself were concerned that was it - it was a definate - and that's how it should be. Thats how it was. :-)

A few bad apples.......

Oh and if anyone manages to work out who the model was, which wouldn't be that hard to do: She was an absolute delight to work with, great poses, right up there now on my list of fave models to work with.

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 20, 2010, 3:37 AM
Begining to wonder if I have contracted some socially unacceptable disease.

In nigh on three months I've only been able to get one model to turn up.

Not the 'no shows' where you don't hear a thing - these were all polite cancellations in good time.

One model because of a change of job had to give up nude modelling.

Another injured herself but informed me more than a week before a shoot.

Another decided that in the end the travel was too far and appolgised.

I now wait on Wednesday's shoot. Model has cast iron references as to her reliability. Previous conversations with her have been spot on. Shoot was pencilled in a couple of months ago and we left it that we would discuss matters nearer the time. Mailed her via the modelling site I arranged it on last week, did notice that she hadn't logged in to it in about ten days though. Still not heard back from her -  she hasn't logged on either.

Leaves me slightly in the lurch - don't want to cancel yet I need to make arrangements sometime this afternoon if the shoot is to go ahead.

Even more strange its all been in one go. One after the other. That doesnt normally happen.

I shot one model a couple of times a while ago who travelled the length of the country arrived early each time yet has subsequently developed a reputation with being thoroughly eratic as to whether or not she shows up for a shoot. Evidently my luck here is at an end.

So of info for any models interested in working with me I do not have Bubonic Plague, Leprosy or any other ailment like that. I might swear a fair bit but that's normally in relation to some piece of equiptment not working rather than at the model.

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Studio set up gone......

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 1, 2010, 7:41 AM
moved house. Pondering next moves with photography

I won't be able to shoot from here so am looking at other options - still got all the lights , softboxes etc here , paper rolls in storage.

After nearly two months in storage I finally got all my computers rigged up again today. Still missing a couple of hard drives I know they are there but try rooting round a dark packed storage unit for a small box. Hope I can still remember how to use photoshop.

I have had no internet access for nearly two weeks - and it drove me fucking insane - do they have internet cafes down here - of course not but I got the broadband sorted today.

Appologies to anyone that has contacted me and is still waiting for a response.

Is there something up with images at the moment.

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 29, 2010, 11:57 AM
Just uploaded a picture it came on the screen miniscule so have taken it down.

Anyone know if something is up?

Moving On

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 4, 2010, 3:14 AM
Some people on here know that I shoot from a large home studio set up - but for a number of reasons we decided to sell the house - it took less than a week to find a buyer and they want to be in here by Easter. I'm not moving in to another period property so it is extremely unlikely that it will allow me the space to shoot in. In fact I don't even know where I am going at the moment suffice to say it will still be in this miserable corner of Wiltshire.

I'd actualy lined up several shoots for February, March and April - accident prone as ever I injured my neck and had to cancel on last weeks shoots - the ones for April have had to be pulled which leaves me with just two more shoots in the pipeline.

So my mind is spinning a bit trying to think of the way forward.

There are no decent studio facilities within about 50 miles of me that I know of and besides I find I get better results within my own workspace as I can choose what backgrounds etc I want and not be reliant on what they have.

I could rent another commercial property but the last venture was a complete nightmare.

I don't want to shoot outdoors so that's not an answer.

There will be a way through somewhere its just working out what it is.

Carry on Photography

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 20, 2010, 1:17 PM
I've been asked by a photographic group if I'd be prepared to give them a talk and a practical demonstration of lighting. My gut reaction is always against this. Because I'm pretty monosylabic, half incomprihensible if you don't know me, generally unable to string a sentence together without swearing and I hate speaking in public. I'm a complete scruff never shave so they'll probably think the local vagrant has turned up. Whilst I've done it one to one I have never talked to a group about photography before. I've been swayed by the fact it is taking place in a village only a few miles from where I live.

It's Friday so why the hell did I leave it till today to start work on it.

So I've spent the last day and a half going through some pictures to put in to a slideshow with some lighting diagrams and find myself thinking 'how the hell did I do that' - which softbox did I use etc - - so I've picked out a few that I can remember what I did. They'll be projected on a screen so I converted the full size raw images in to full size JPEGS but haven't a clue how big they'll blow up on a screen without looking a mess. Then all the other problems:

What happens when the triggers decide not to work. Why has that bloody little adapter that can take a lead to a flash seem to have vanished.

What happens if someones got a point and push.

Will the model get back from Lanzarotte. Shes been informed that it is probably a priceless opportunity to see making a dick of myself.

I'm accident prone so what will I break.

What happens when someone asks me something I don't know.

Am I the only person that uses standard 60w bulbs as modelling lamps.

How do I explain to them that I think the light meter is usualy in my opinion wrong.

Will they approve of photoshop or be purists - this could get me arguing for England - I love photoshop.

Can I even get everything in my car.

What else can go wrong.

Still its happening in a nice village in Somerset and if all else fails it's got one of the best pubs I know so if all goes wrong I can just say F*** it and go there :-)


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 23, 2009, 9:59 AM
Wrist healing but still not perfect I had my first shoot in about three months yesterday with :iconblacklotu5:

Only problem I got a new PC a couple of days before running Vista instead of XP - I wasn't however aware of the compatability issues between vista and CS3 Bridge. Having put it on the PC it took about 15 minutes to restart the thing. Then the computer identifies that there are programs causing problems with the system and yes it's bridge. So googling around I find that this is a known thing and that there are no drivers available to rectify the situation. However it seemed to work ok apart from this and the sodding need to download fresh drivers for every program. So the shoot goes ahead and I go to upload the pictures - bridge is displaying little boxes but no thumbnails so I upload them all but needless to say that I can't manage to open them. Argghh and my wrist bloody hurts today....

Broken Wrist

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 10, 2009, 4:59 AM
Broke wrist at the weekend. Can't drive. Can't hold a camera. Had to cancel shoots.(Sorry Bink) Can't slice bread so am reduced to eating sliced stuff. Good for sobriety - try drinking with the wrong hand - you wear the first inch. The left hand typing's a nightmare - so anyone that has sent me a note recently I'm very slow at the moment and it could be a while for replies. (This by the way I'm dictating)

Personal plus point - as I'm stuck in I've been looking back at the raw files of the last couple of years. There are shoots that I haven't edited more than a couple of pictures from, pictures in semi-edited states etc. It'll give me a chance to go through them although the left hand editing in itself is a bit of a job. Can't get the cursor over the sliders half the time.

Sort of got me thinking a bit though. Photographers a shoot - how long do you normally work for? How many shots per hour? How many of those would you use. Me, its about 6 hours a shoot. Probably average around 80 shots an hour although they'll be in short bursts in between playing with lights and backgrounds. Probably only around a dozen shots from any shoot ever see the light of day. Sort of feel like I do a shoot edit up some the next shoot and the last one is sort of history. Now I'm sort of wondering if that is a bit of an odd approach.

Anyone got any idea of how long it might be before I am physically  able to wield a camera for a few hours?

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Daily Deviation

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2009, 6:15 AM
Surprised and pleased me this morning to find that I had received a Daily Deviation for this picture:


Although I uploaded it in July it had actually lived in a semi-edited state on my desktop since I took it in October, not an uncommon state of affairs for me. I loved the pose but the background paper was a bit messed up - and if anyone knows a way to keep paper in a usable state I'd love to know - but eventually I sorted it. There's a lot end up in the bin because I'm not happy with the paper. I find that a bit depressing but pleased I took the effort on this one.

Thanks to :iconscottb: for nominating and :iconnyx-valentine: for featuring it.

Oh and the model the wonderful :iconmadamebink: you should all check out her gallery on here. She's cool :-)

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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 11, 2009, 6:10 AM
My first proper no show in well over a year.

Left waiting at the station - she doesn't answer calls or responds to texts. I mean how hard is it to text that you aren't coming.

She  quotes a plethora of references from established photographers in her profile on a modeling site.

I just don't get it sometimes.


Journal Entry: Sun Jul 19, 2009, 11:01 AM
A bloody wet Sunday in bloody Wiltshire.

I'd rather be sitting in the pub but having managed to delete the entirety of two shoots from my computer in recent days I thought I could spend it more productively editing up some of the hundreds of half finished pictures that are filling up my hard drive.

Is it more of a.........

Journal Entry: Sun May 17, 2009, 4:43 AM
Is it more of a challenge to continue shooting with the same models and try and find new diections to work with them or is it more challenging to work with new models?

My gut feeling is that I'll achieve better pictures with limiting myself to shooting with a small cohort of good models. Probably pretty obvious who at least a couple of them are. To that end I am actively rebooking  models that I have previously shot that I feel I can work in conjunction with to produce good pictures.

What I like are models who turn up and put an active artistic imput in to the shoot - those that inspire me - these are the models that I want to shoot - the ones who want to see what the images on the back of the camera are like to see if they can improve them. The good pictures that I take are the results of teamwork. These are the models I want't to work with on a repeated basis.

This doesn't mean that I'm not going to shoot models I haven't worked with before but if I just primarilly concentrate on working with a few individuals is that a constructive way forward?

There are models out there that I would like to shoot that I haven't - but there are normally good reasons - such as distance - why I can't. Still have a few on my wish list but I'm not naming names.

Interested on any views on this.

Oh and if anyone knows any inspirational models that can get themselves down to Wiltshire....